HDVI™ (High-Definition Volumetric Imaging) is a new, proprietary and patented imaging technology, similar to CT (Computed Tomography) that provides unprecedented diagnostic and interventional information for veterinarians.

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Our mission is to combine the power of this advanced imaging with affordable higher level medicine – providing access to greater diagnostics for a wider number of cases helping patients and their owners see more, diagnose sooner and heal faster. We are proud to be able to offer this incredible tool to our veterinary community and happy to provide a tour should you desire.

Conventional CT

Traditional CT imaging works through either cone or spiral technology. The CT measures densities within the patient’s anatomy in thin slices and computes the anatomy between those slices with estimation. This leaves gaps in the actual data and room for error in the computed regions.


HDVI™ Technology

HDVI™ is hybrid technology taking the best of cone and spiral imaging. It is designed to improve diagnostic capability and efficiency. HDVI™ delivers a 100% accurate 3D map of densities in the patient’s anatomy with special resolution. Large 7 inch overlapping slices are obtained and beautiful color images can be created to improve clients’ appreciation of case diagnosis. These sections take approximately 30 seconds to obtain and leave no space between slices for missed information, even in the smallest cases.

Clinician’s can see the images from any angle leading to superior diagnostic confidence.


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Our HDVI™ imaging technology allows your veterinarian to give your pet an accurate diagnosis without excessive testing that can be stressful and invasive.

We operate on a referral basis to ensure your your pet’s veterinarian gets the information they need to diagnose and treat your pet. They will submit a scan request to our imaging center and we will contact you to schedule an appointment for your pet’s scan. Typically, most scans can be scheduled within 48 hours of receiving a request from a veterinarian.

Please call us at 757-282-3577 if you have any questions, or send us a message.

Where are you located?
We’re conveniently located at 2248 Ebb Tide Rd in Virginia Beach.


How can I schedule an appointment?
Your veterinarian must request an appointment.
Do I need to do anything before my pet's scan?
We request that you withhold food and water from your pet after midnight on the day of their scan. If your pet requires any medication during the day, please be sure to bring those with you when you drop them off with us. Please ensure your pet is leashed or in a carrier before entering the building.
Can I wait with my pet?
We highly recommend that patients get dropped off by 9am to be admitted for their scan. Scans take about three hours, which a long time to wait. We will schedule a discharge appointment for the patient later the same day.
How long will it take to get results?
Results will be available within 48-72 hours of the scan. We can send the scan out STAT and receive results back within 24 hours. Your veterinarian will contact you to discuss the findings.
How much does it cost?
All prices include radiologist interpretation:
Single site without contrast: $750
Single site with contrast: $1050
Additional site: $200

All prices include general anesthesia, IV catheter and fluids for contrast patients.
Please Note: All abdominal scans must use contrast.

What forms of payment are accepted?
For your convenience, we accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, ScratchPay, and checks.

for veterinarians

After receiving your request, we will contact the owner to schedule the Vimago Scan. If we have any questions regarding the referral we will contact you to discuss them. We work to see patients quickly – generally patients can be scheduled within 2-3 days and urgent scans are available by request.

  • We require a Chem 27 and CBC be performed within 30 days of the scan.
  • We recommend 48 hours notice if possible for a non-emergent scan. Same day scans can be done for emergent cases.
  • All scans are sent to a board certified radiologist at Peregrine Radiology who is familiar with the HDVI™ technology.

Please call us at 757-282-3577 if you have any questions, or send us a message.

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2248 Ebb Tide Rd
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